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FairReplay intro


FairReplay has two components:

FairReplay Recorder

Main program that records and makes recordings available to FairReplay Viewer.

FairReplay Viewer

Can connect to any available stream in same network.

Minimum requirements

FairReplay requires a stable working environment. Recorder and Viewer are tested on Windows 10/11.

Portable Recorder

This unit can be transported in carry on luggage and it is recommended for up to 6 FullHD inputs

  • Hp Z2 G8 or newer with i7 or newer or AMD equivalent
  • 16 GB RAM
  • 1TB Nvme drive (~5GB per hour of recording)
  • Nvidia Quadro A2000
  • 2x DeckLink Duo 2 Mini

Strong Recorder

  • HP Z2 Tower G8 with i7 or newer or AMD equivalent
  • 16 GB RAM
  • 2TB Nvme drive (~5GB per hour of recording)
  • Nvidia Quadro A4000
  • DeckLink Quad 2


Viewer can be either desktop computer or laptop.

  • Lenovo P350 Tiny
  • 7th gen Intel i5, AMD or newer
  • Nvidia graphics card


All devices must be connected with wired ethernet and 1Gbit/s connection. Multiple viewers can easily saturate full 1Gbit link, 10Gbit or 2.5 is recommended on Recorder.

We suggest using dedicated computers, which are virus-free and without unnecessary add-ons or services which might slow down computer performance. Recorder system is taking care of encoding and serving video to viewers therefore tower PC is recommended.

Official website:
Cloud login:
FairReplay Recorder and Viewer download:


FairReplay can be configured in many ways, using multiple Recorders and Viewers. In the picture below you can see one example of FairReplay installation.

Router is also connected to the internet, which allows all Viewers to upload videos of events to FairReplay Cloud so they can save them for later and share them with others outside the local network.