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Time is not synced

When you open recorder, it can show Time sync alert. To sync the time right click to date/time, then Adjust Date and time and click [Sync now].

Delta is shown

Delta means that recording time differs to actual time of file. It can mean that computer usage is too high. There are multiple options

  • check that Encoding profile is set correctly - encoder is set to Hardware such as NVENC
  • Encoding profile matches Format of stream
  • you have started all recordings immediately one after another - Start recording and wait for 2 seconds to start another one
  • Video signal is not stable (for example bad signal, network input)

CPU usage from Windows updates

Pause Windows updates by opening Windows Update settings (search in start menu) and click to Pause updates for 7 days.

Unusually high CPU usage

  1. Close all applications
  2. Update hardware drivers (CPU, Chipset, ...)
  3. Restart your PC
  4. Try again