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Hardware Setup


FairReplay Recorder

Recorder should have screen, mouse, keyboard, network and video inputs/outputs.

It's important to have all cables not too tight, not to damage ports, connectors or cables.

Graphics card

Connect display to dedicated graphics card as you will not pay penalty of copying image from integrated to dedicated on encoding.



If 10gbit link is available make sure to have cable that supports that speed. If your server has more than one RJ45 jack make sure to use correct one.

Camera connections

On both sides - camera and videomatrix/recorder make sure all cables are securely attached with zip-ties/tape or similar. Goal is to reduce any movement of connectors on either device.


Blackmagic quad connections

Blackmagic quad operates differently by default - each input has own output, so connectors are 0 = Reference in 1 = Input 1 2 = Output of Input 1 3 4 5 6 7 and 8 follow the same.


Make sure to open Blakcmagic Desktop Video Setup and set each connector to be single as shown: img.png

FairReplay Viewer

Graphics card

Like Recorder, Viewer should also have monitor connected to dedicated graphics card. If you are using laptop make sure to use high performance mode and select Nvidia Graphics card as default one.

Laptop graphics card

You can choose default Nvidia graphics with right-clicking on desktop and opening Nvidia control panel and then selecting prefered graphcis procesor.


Sample setup schema


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It is recommended that packing is done with great care and have all items checked before packing. If any cable or device is damaged make sure to mark it and repair/replace to be ready for next event.